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(Please Read ‘The Assistant Manager’s Story’ first)

The next day Neha met me at the appointed place far from where she lived. She told me where to go. On the way I said, “I’ll cook up lunch for you, my dear. I’m sure you’ll like it. OK?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Alright. You did promise me lunch.”

“What will you tell your mother if you’re late?”

“I’ve already told her I’ll be late as I’m visiting some friends to discuss about college admission.”

The little devil, she had all the excuses ready. I smiled at her and patted her thigh and left my hand there. She didn’t object. She talked of this and that till we reached the shop. As I parked, I caressed her thigh and said, “Go pick up the bra and panty you like. Make sure it fits properly, OK?”

I followed her in. The sales lady probably thought I was her father. She took some time in the changing room and returned and handed a bra and panty to the sales woman. She ran up the bill and I paid. We returned to the car. She was very excited and was clutching the shopping bag.

I started the car and looked at her. “Are you happy, sweetheart?”

Her eyes were shining, “Yes. Thanks, they’re lovely.”

I caressed her thigh and said, “Good you’re happy. You can thank me later.” My hand crept up her thigh to very near her panty. Neha held my hand there. I looked at her and found her eyes closed. I squeezed her thigh and lifted my hand. I drove to my farmhouse. There was no guard at the gate of this gated community, as the gate was electrically controlled. The remote was on the dash board.

I said, “Put your head down, sweetheart. I don’t want the guard to notice you.”

She ducked and I brought her head down on my lap. Her cheek was pressed against my aroused cock and she felt it on her cheek. I kept my hand on her head. Then I noticed her t-shirt had moved up exposing her side. I patted her head and moved my hand down her shoulder to her side and on her exposed skin. I caressed her side and she moaned softly. She pulled her stomach in at my touch, creating a gap in the belt of her skirt. I softly caressed her waist and stomach and pushed my fingers in the gap of the belt of her skirt. I touched the elastic band of her panty. She gasped.

I squeezed her stomach and pulled my hand out and slid it on her ass. I caressed it and she fidgeted. I pulled up the hem of her skirt and caressed her panty-clad ass. It was such a small ass. My finger traced her ass crack.

She pleaded, “Please don’t.”

I patted her ass and withdrew my hand. I parked in the garage and entered the house. She said, “What a lovely room,” and sat down on the sofa. I moved to the kitchen and got ourselves some juice.

She came into the kitchen and sat at the small table I had there. She sipped at her juice while I foraged the fridge to prepare lunch. She looked very fetching in her t-shirt and skirt which came to just above her knees. I sat on a stool at the counter.

“Hey,” I said, “Where’s my thanks?” and I opened my arms for a hug. She hesitated for a moment and walked up to me and into my arms. I hugged her, my hands around her waist. She had her hands around me loosely. I caressed her back and pulled her to me. She had her head on my chest. I caressed and took my hands down. I pulled up her t-shirt and caressed her bare back. She was trembling.

“Did you really like the bra and the panty, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“That’s good.” I lowered my hand to her ass and caressed it. She fidgeted and tried to move away. I lifted her chin and looked in her eyes. Her eyes were shut. I kissed her eyelids and she moaned. I then lightly kissed her cheeks. She opened her eyes and I smiled at her.

“Relax, sweetheart, there’s nothing to worry, OK?” I squeezed her ass. Then I lowered my hands and lifted her skirt and put my hands on her panty-clad ass. I caressed her small ass and she fidgeted. I pressed her ass and her front touched my crotch and she whimpered. I raised my hands and put them under the waistband of her panty directly on her bare ass. She whimpered, “Please don’t.” I shushed her and caressed her ass, squeezed her small globules, Anadolu Yakası Escort and ran a finger along her ass crack. Then I released her. She walked back to her seat on wobbly legs.

‘OK, let’s see what to cook.”

I started to fix up a meal. She just sat there and watched.

“I’m finished here. Go and put on some music. I’ll be there in a moment.”

She left and soon music wafted in. I laid the table and brought in the food. She came to sit at the table and I held her and lifted her to sit on the table. I was between her legs. I hugged her to me and she whimpered, “Please.”

“Hush, baby. You’re a beautiful girl, you know.” I hugged her and caressed her back. She moaned as her emotions were causing mayhem. My hands went under her t-shirt onto her bare back and she hugged me tight. I caressed her back and touched her bra strap. She gasped and I shushed her. I lifted her chin up and kissed her on her lips lightly. Before she could react, I lifted her and stood her on the floor. Her cheeks were red.

“Let’s eat,” I said and made her sit next to me. I served her a helping and served a little to myself as well.

As we ate I caressed her back and she was in an emotional turmoil. She wanted to object but her body was agreeable to the emotions it was experiencing. She moaned as I caressed her back. We finished and I cleared the table. When I returned to the sitting room, Neha was on the sofa tapping her feet to the music. I sat besides her and said, “Why don’t you go and change into your new bra and panty. You didn’t buy them to leave them in the shopping bag, did you?”

She looked at me and I patted her back and pointed to my bedroom. “Go in there and change. I’m sure you’re eager to try it.” She smiled and said, “Yes, I cannot wait.”

As she got up I patted her ass and pushed her towards the room. She was out in a moment, holding the bra and panty she had removed. She held them by her side and put them in the bag. She sat next to me.

“How does it feel? Is it soft against your body?”

She blushed and nodded. I pulled her on my lap and hugged her. “Good you like them.” She sat quietly afraid to move. I leaned back and pulled her to me. Her back was against my chest and her legs straddling mine. I put my hands on her stomach under her t-shirt. Her stomach tensed.

“Relax, baby,” and I licked her ear lobe. She shuddered. I caressed her stomach. I lifted her skirt up and cupped her mound. She sobbed, “Please don’t.” I caressed her mound and traced a finger along her pussy slit. She tensed and fidgeted. Her fidgeting was a wake up call to the tiger in my pants. It raised its head and touched her on her small little ass. She gasped.

I caressed her mound and said, “My dear, why don’t you model what you purchased today, for me. I’m sure you’ll look lovely in them.”

She gasped and said, “What?’

“That’s right, sweetheart. Show me what you bought. Let’s see how it looks on you. If it’s not sexy, we can return and exchange for something better. If it looks good on you, then we can pick up another pair for you.” I squeezed her pussy and caressed it.

She thought about getting another lovely and expensive pair, and her greed won. “OK,” she said and got up. I turned her around where she stood between my legs. I looked up at her. Her eyes were downcast. Her cheeks were red. I held her t-shirt from the bottom and slowly pulled it up. It came up exposing her flat stomach and her bra-clad breasts. She raised her hands up and her t-shirt was off. She looked lovely, her small body delectable.

Her bra was not exactly Victoria’s Secret, but close. No wonder Nisha did not want to gift her that, especially if the panty was equally enticing.

I pulled her to me and said, “Oh! Baby, you look good enough to eat.”

I kissed her stomach and she groaned. I pulled her into me by her ass and licked her navel. She moaned and pressed her thighs together. So! She was getting aroused and wet!

I put my hand on the belt of her skirt at the side where a single button and zip were. She whimpered in fear. I caressed her ass and opened the button and unzipped her. Her skirt Kurtköy Escort fell to the floor. She looked like an angel in her lovely bra and panty. She closed her eyes and covered her face.

I pushed her back a little holding her by her hips. She was trembling. “You are a lovely girl, Neha darling. You are very beautiful and the bra and panty look good on you. Let me feel the fabric.” I caressed her stomach and moved my hands up and covered her breasts. She whimpered and her knees bent in shock. I squeezed her breasts. Then I put two fingers under her bra and on to her breasts as if to check the fabric. I pinched her nipple and she moaned loudly, “Please don’t.”

I kept pinching her nipples and she whimpered. I turned her around and caressed her back. I caressed her ass over her panty and whispered, “How does the fabric feel against your ass, sweetheart? Is it soft?” She whimpered and nodded.

I spread her legs and pouched her mound from behind. She cried out, “Please no.”

“Just feeling the fabric against your pussy, sweetheart. How does it feel here?” and I caressed her mound, my finger tracing her pussy slit.

She moaned. “How does it feel, baby?” and I caressed her mound and her slit again.

She sobbed and whispered, “Very soft.”

“Where does it feel soft, darling,” I persisted and kept the pressure on her mound.

“Where your hand is,” she whispered.

“Where is my hand, sweetheart,” as I said it my finger went inside her panty and rubbed her bare slit.

She whimpered and said, “On my pussy.”

“How does my hand feel on your pussy?”

She sobbed, “I don’t know. Please….please remove your hand.”

“I will soon, darling, after I finish checking.”

I kept on rubbing her mound. She was moaning and was becoming wet. My finger was slick on her slit. I pushed it in her slit a little bit. She whimpered and became wetter.

“Does my hand feel nice on your pussy, baby?” I pushed my finger in a little bit more. Her feelings were betraying her. Her pussy was dripping.

“I don’t know,” she sobbed.

I turned her around and cupped her from the front. “Why are you wet her, baby,” and I caressed her mound.

She whimpered.

“It means, my dear that you are no longer a small girl. You are now ready to become a woman. Do you want to remain a small girl all your life? Tell me, baby,” and I kissed her navel. I moved my head up and kissed her breasts through her bra. She moaned and pressed her thighs, my hand along with it.

“Tell me baby, does it feel nice that you are no longer a small girl and are going to become a woman?”

I caressed her mound and she spread her thighs. I hooked my fingers to the band of her panty and she whimpered, “Don’t.”

“I want to see how wet you are, sweetheart.” Before she could react her panty was at her ankles. Her sweet little pussy was dripping. My tiger growled in anticipation. She was sobbing, “Please don’t.”

“It’s OK, baby. I’ll just check how wet you are.”

I stood up and hugged her to me. My aroused cock pressed against her front and she moaned. I picked her up in my arms and put her on the dining table. I slowly pushed her till she was lying down, her legs dangling. I stood between her legs and spread them. Her pussy was dripping nectar. I put my hand on her mound and she whimpered. I sat on the chair in front of her pussy and covered it with my lips. She screamed out in pleasure and leaked more. I lapped up her nectar and spread her outer lips to reach her inner beauties.

Her pussy lips were small. I licked the inner lips and she bucked her ass. She was enjoying the emotions running through her, the little imp. I would enjoy turning her into a woman. I increased the tempo and she moaned loudly.

“Shall I stop, darling?

She was whimpering and shaking her head.

“Tell me, baby, shall I stop or shall I check your wetness.”

She moaned, “Please don’t…….stop.”

I lapped on and she whimpered with pleasure. I touched her clit and she screamed. It was sensitive and only a touch set her off. She orgasmed and kept on bucking her hips. When she relaxed, I picked Pendik Escort her up and took her to my room.

I lay her on the bed and removed her bra. Fully naked she looked ravishable. She was so small, just like a child. I removed my clothes and moved next to her. I kissed her and pushed my tongue in. Our tongues clashed and the temperature rose. She was kissing and moaning in my mouth. My hands were on her breasts and my fingers were doing their magic. She was squirming as my hands tortured her breasts.

I moved my lips to her breasts and licked, kissed tugged and pinched. She moaned with pleasure and the torture of sweet pain. I moved lower and licked and tongued her pussy. I put my finger in and felt her barrier. I pulled out and thumbed her clit. She bucked her ass and moaned. I put my finger in and rubbed on her sensitive spot. She screamed in pleasure, her ass in the air.

I straddled her chest but supported my weight on my knees. I whispered, “Open your eyes, baby.”

Her eyes were blurry with desire. She focused on my aroused cock and gasped. I rubbed it on her cheeks and she whimpered. I rubbed my precome on her lips. She tasted precome for the first time. She looked up at me. I nodded at her and touched her lips with the tip and pressed in. She opened her mouth and the bulbous tip went in. Her small mouth was wide, accommodating my cock with difficulty. I just pumped there without pushing in. I took it out and slapped her cheeks with it. She moaned.

I went between her legs and lifted her ass up. I put a couple of pillows under her ass raising it. I bent her knees and pressed her knees to her chest. Her pussy opened up. I fingered it and she whimpered, leaking her sweet nectar.

I looked at her and said, “Baby, are you ready to make love? I touched her spread pussy with my engorged cock.

She trembled and whimpered, “I’m afraid.”

“No need to be afraid, sweetheart. It will pain a little at first, then you can enjoy for the rest of your life. OK?”

Her thighs were trembling, and her voice quaking, she said, “OK.”

“I’ll be gentle, sweetheart.”

I touched her hole with my bulbous tip and she moaned. She was shaking with fear of the unknown. I pushed in a little and stretched her pussy hole. She shuddered and sobbed. I pushed in till the tip was in. She cried out, “Oh! God.”

I waited for some time and pushed in till my tip touched her hymen. I pushed again and I was through her barrier. She cried out as she felt the sharp pain. She moaned and tears fell on her cheeks. I stopped and thumbed her tears away from her cheeks. I caressed her cheeks with my hands and said, “You brave girl. You were wonderful.”

I started pumping out and in. She moaned as her pussy walls stretched. I kept pumping slowly and, resilient that pussies are, she started enjoying the pumping and moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was lubricating my shaft and it was pumping easily. Her pussy was tight and gripping my cock. As I moved in and out the gripping was causing great pleasure. I was ready to come. I thumbed her clit and pinched it. She moaned and bucked her ass. As I pumped in she pushed her ass up. Soon she was ready to orgasm. I pinched her clit and she came screaming. I unloaded my load in her. Her pussy walls felt my hot spurt and she moaned. I kept on pumping hard and fast till I was completely empty.

She lay inert and I hugged her and kissed her.

“You were wonderful, baby. I’ve never had such joy in a long time.”

She smiled tiredly and whispered, “It was painful but wonderful. I never knew sex was so enjoyable.”

I kissed her and said, “We can do it any time you want to, sweetheart. There is so much I want to teach you, and so much you have to learn, if you want to.”

She hugged me and blushed, her cheeks going red. She whispered, “Yes, I want to learn.”

I kissed her and slapped her ass. “Let’s dress up. You need to reach home before your mother starts to worry.”

As we were leaving, I handed her a glass of water and a tablet. “Take this, baby.”

“What’s this?”

“We had unprotected sex. This will ensure you not get into trouble. Next time we’ll use protection.”

She swallowed the tablet and hugged me.

“Meet me next Sunday at the same place, OK?” She blushed and nodded.

Soon we were on our way to town. On the way her hand was on my cock, stroking it. I dropped her home and returned, happy with the turn of events.

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