College Boys Curse Ch. 02

Big Tits

About a month had passed since Erik and Javi found Blake’s phone on the ground in their dorm. Erik knew almost as soon as he saw the videos what he was going to do with them. He immediately headed to his room that day and layed on his bed to rest while he sent the videos from Blake’s phone to his. Then he pulls up what he really needs: Hoes Exposed – a Twitter page where people can send people’s sextapes or nudes to the admins to be posted for whatever reason. The videos posted on Hoes Exposed were by far mostly girls from the area getting exposed – shown sucking dick or getting fucked, probably by their angry ex boyfriends that exposed them to this page in the first place. Erik would regularly visit the page to watch the vids and jerk his dick off until he blew his load to them. Something about that revenge porn shit really got his cock rock hard.

Erik makes sure to send the videos from a fake page so no one especially Blake ever finds out who it was. He didn’t want anyone thinking HE was on that gay shit.. or getting caught and in trouble. He couldn’t help but laugh with sadistic joy as he did it. He didn’t a single fuck – Blake was going to learn who to fuck with. There’s no way he couldn’t be utterly humiliated by this. He’s probably already a little insecure about being fat and gay.. And now there’s 20 whole minutes of him damn near naked wearing a woman’s thong sucking off and deepthroating 2 guys, then getting his fat ass bent over and fucked in both his holes at the same time, for it to end with him receiving 2 different loads on his face and moobs. All while moaning like a bitch and calling them Daddy. It was too perfect.

“I think as soon as that shit gets posted, he’s going to leave school.” Javi tells Erik.

And that’s exactly what happened. Shortly after the page posted the video of Blake, he stopped showing up to school and Erik and Javi have seen no sign of him since. The video had thousands of views. Blake had to have seen it, someone had to have told him. And his disappearance pretty much confirmed that to Erik. He felt proud at his success in his revenge and life was going great, he sure showed Blake and now that he won, he could forget about his petty grudge and leave this all in the past and focus on more important things.. like trying to get in his girlfriend’s panties.

Shortly after Sakarya Escort the video incident, he started dating this girl he’d been talking to, Angel. She was a gorgeous blonde, with a hot as fuck body and best of all: a virgin. There’s nothing more this young 19 year old man wanted than to fuck the shit out of this sexy bitch’s tight virgin pussy and pop that cherry. He could nut just thinking about it and he was going to make sure he got his dick all up in her before the end of the year and he’d do pretty much anything to make it happen. If he had to date her, romance her he didn’t care. After that happened he’d probably dump her – he usually got more and more bored the more he fucked a bitch and liked to keep his options open for as much pussy as possible.

He and Angel layed on his bed, making out. He moved his hand towards her skirt, trying to pull it down only for Angel’s hand to immediately grab his and move it off.

“I told you not yet.” she says to him.

“Cmon, baby. You’re so beautiful I want to get as close as possible,” he responds moving in for a kiss. She turns her face for him to kiss her cheek.

“I think we’re done here for now,” She says getting off the bed and putting on her jacket. “Gotta go anyways.”

“Alright. Bye beautiful.” Erik responded trying to sound nice and understanding but secretly pissed.

“Bye,” she says smiling as she walked out the door closing it behind her.

“Fucking bitch,” he mumbled. He takes off his shirt and pull his pants down to whip out his cock and bust the nut Angel didn’t give him. He jerks until he shoots his load all over his hard abs moaning loudly thinking about everything he plans on doing to Angel once she gives it up. He’ll fuck her roughly for making him wait. She pissed him off. He decides to call up Javi to vent. He should’ve known better.

“Ahhhhhhhh-haaaaaaaa,” Javi laughed mockingly. Erik had expected nothing less. “You need to start taking notes from me then MAYBE you could score some pussy.”

“Fuck off, I do get it.. She left my balls blue. Gonna have to hit up your mom now.”

“Dont get your ass beat.” Javi says walking into their room and crashing on his bed. Erik laughed. It was getting late and he was tired after that little jerk off session. In bed he takes off his jeans Adapazarı Escort to sleep comfortably in his boxer briefs.

When Erik wakes up, he doesn’t feel so good. He feels kind of sick and his nipples feel sensitive. He doesn’t know what that’s about but at least his typical morning wood is there so whatever’s going on cant be that bad. It’ll pass. He gets out of bed to get ready to head to the gym with Javi. After brushing his teeth and taking his morning piss, he steps in front of his body mirror to check himself out. As he begins adjusting his short brown hair he notices his abs aren’t looking as flat as they did yesterday. Had to be all that pizza he ate yesterday when he was stoned. Yeah, he definitely had to hit the gym today.

He steps over to Javi’s bed.

“Javi wake the fuck up.”

He pulls Javi’s blanket off to see his big hard dick bulging in his underwear and his sexy abs and pecs.

Erik is alarmed when he realizes how long he stared at his sleeping half-naked best friend. He notices it made his dick hard again.

“What the FUCK..” he thought to himself. He’d *never* felt like that towards any man … especially his best friend. Javi was like a brother to him. It just felt wrong in so many ways. Yet he liked it. A lot. It’s gotta be the lack of sex he’s getting.

Javi slowly wakes up.

“What the fuck, why you taking my blanket off for motherfucker?” he says picking it off the ground and putting it back on.

“We gotta get to the gym, like we said..”

Javi groaned. “Fine.” They get dressed and head out to the gym.

As Javi drives them there, he asks Erik if he’s feeling any better.

“No, dude. I think I feel worse.”

“That’s alright bro dont worry… When we start working out you’ll sweat that shit out.”

Erik laughed. “Yeah I hope so..”

“Cant be getting sick before our game.”

It was true. Whatever this was needed to go fast because just 1 week from that day was their football team’s game and Erik and Javi were looking forward to it. They were both very competitive by nature and played many sports through high school and thought about passing on that for college to focus on … other things. But they signed up anyways because they were worried about partying, drinking and eating so much Serdivan Escort that they’d get lazy and inactive and that Freshman 15 they’d heard about would show up and as 2 rather narcissistic young men they could not have that happening.

They pull up in front of their gym and get out the car. Almost immediately after walking in Erik suddenly can’t help but feel incredibly horny at the sight of any strong muscular man that walks by him regardless if they were what’s considered handsome facewise. His boner starts to pop up at the sight of any man’s strong arms, pecs, legs.

He tried looking at some of the women. Their boobs, ass but.. nothing. It was only the guys.. Everything about these men working out in front of him was driving him insane with lust.

He was hard as a rock and his dick was leaking precum looking at Javi work out on the machines as his shorts rode up to show his big bulge and strong hairy thighs.

Erik tries to use a machine or lift some weights but he doesn’t last long there before he can’t handle it anymore. He runs outside feeling sick to his stomach … still not feeling well from this morning and disgusted with himself for getting horny from being around a group of men.

He feels overwhelmed and throws up.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” He thought to himself.

Javi walks out after him.

“What’s wrong bro you still not feelin good?” He asks.

“Nah man.. I feel like shit.”

“Damn.. I think you’re nervous about our game next week. We can’t let college stop us from keeping our bodies in check and fine as fuck for the ladies. You just need to focus. I was going to do this anyway but look.” Javi shows him a photo of 2 men pictured together – 1 was a Latino guy and the other black. They were both ripped and very muscular. Javi said their names were Sergio and David.

“Who the fuck are they?”

“I got us both personal trainers, dude. They’re best friends like us and they told me they’d train the both of us. With the skills and knowledge of both of them we’ll get built as fuck like them. 2 heads are better than 1. What do you think??” Erik looks at the photo again.

“Looks like they’ll be good at their job..”

On the ride home, Erik got to thinking. He can’t help but blame Angel for the shit he’s feeling. It’s all her fault for not putting out. Now he’s so repressed he’s getting horny looking at men. He was not gay. Fuck her.. he had waited long enough. If she wouldn’t let him fuck he was not some ugly loser that couldn’t get some if he wanted and he was going to try his damndest to do it by tonight…

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