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By the time I noticed the holes in the wall, I was twenty with a toddler . My husband, baby and I shared an apartment with his younger brother. I noticed the smaller holes by the towel rack first. There was two small holes. I figured they were from old screws from a previous rack. The next week I noticed more. A bit bigger and more strategically placed. The other side of the wall was my brother in laws room.
This couldn’t be what I thought. My brother in law Nick hated me. I could always feel his hard glare. The way he looked at me. His dark eyes glared right through me. I’d known him for years. But he was so quiet I really didn’t know much.
The thought of him watching me scared me. I’d been through some hard shit when I was growing up, I hated being watched. I hated being scared. I started to place the towel draped so that nothing could be seen . I was constantly nervous ….But at the same time , it made my nipples hard. It turned me on to know he wanted to see me. He was sixteen. Of course anyone with tits could turn on a teenager.
Weeks went by, no new holes appeared. I started to miss the thought of him watching me . I started to leave the towel down. I even went into his room and seen what view was hidden behind the hot rod poster on his wall. I stood on the exact spot that would give him the best view of my nipples when I came out the shower . Nothing. I came out the shower and he was no where to be seen. Of course, şişli escort if the father of my baby wasn’t interested , the man I had been fucking for years at this point, how could I keep a high schooler interested ?

I couldn’t keep my mind off him. I started looking at him
more often. He had some of the features his brother did. The ones I loved. But Nick was always so angry. And quiet. And so articulate , his older brother was so outgoing and boisterous and loved a party, maybe a bit too much . Nick was a pretty boy. He liked fast cars and expensive things.
Come to think about it he was more my type. I was so turned on.
The baby was asleep.
Time for a shower. I knew he was home. His car just went past my window after school.
I was so turned on. I heard that a cold shower made your skin taught, made your body look firmer , I put it on cold, my nipples instantly beaded. I sucked in my breath, maybe it wasn’t worth it. I turned the water warmer. Funny how the faucet in our stand up shower had a loose fitting. The faucet itself was fine. It was the cover around it that was missing screws. It spun freely. Showing the darkness of the closet on the other side of the wall. My pulse quickened. This was the new peep hole! I lathered. Using the shampoo from my hair to soap every inch. Spending special attention washing my big soapy tits. Let’s face it , I was a soft squishy mother. Not obese but no shape for a bathing suit. I rubbed them and let my hand go down to lather my pussy lips. I wasn’t shaved bare back then. Trimmed to a small patch . I added more shampoo to my hand to give extra bubbles and lather my lips , inside and out. I can never fully cum if I masterbate standing. Satisfied with the show I had just given , I turned off the water. Not bothering to pose at the former peep hole , I went to finish up in my room.

Weeks of showering extra long times or entirely too often went by. I was asleep in my bed. Dead asleep, when I feel the softest touch on my breast. Enough to wake me up but not enough to make me open my eyes, I inhaled deeply. The touching was gone. I went back to sleep. It was time for school, and Nick comes to my door, “Holly I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again . Sorry”
He left and I proceed to finger myself for an hour. I had a full fledged crush on this kid. This was our new game. Me sleeping and showering him watching and touching. Finally I watch a movie with him, the ever absent husband out with his friends . I spread a blanket over the both of us and let him touch my titties with no bra. This was fucking amazing. The attention I craved and an eager kid to learn.

Time moves on and we move away. Nick had the apartment to himself but had the cell phone to call me. He was a virgin. And he was greedy with the experiences I give him. He was an amazing kisser and touched me gently.
He called one day. Everyone is gone. This was my chance. I leave my baby with the neighbor and drive to spend time with my new lover. I walk into the room. No knocking. And straddle Nick while he sits on the couch. I kiss him hard on the lips. His hands are everywhere. Squeezing my tits. He’s not confident enough to strip me. To go under the shirt. I lead him to his room . And push him on his bed on his back and unbuckle his jeans. Pull his hard cock out of the slit in his boxers and lick it up and down. I take my pants off and squat over him. I lower myself down on his cock , watching his face the whole time. My pussy is wet. I’ve never had a problem with not having lube. I kiss him and start to ride him. Slow and deliberate rocking of my pelvis bringing him in and out of me . Watching his face, listening to him breathe in my ear. Kissing his neck and face. It was his first time. I wanted to make sure it was all about him. So he remembered it , remembered how or felt for his cock to be inside me . I moved faster now. Holding my weight on my feet so I could control the depth of him inside me. His eyes closed and I could see he was ready. Fast fast until I felt him shoot, I go down hard and slow now. Deliberate in squeezing my pussy tight around him. Like it was swallowing his cum up . Soaking up the juices of our hot affair. I may not interest his brother, but I have him coming back for more all the time. I hope to be his first and his last

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