My Hotel Fantasy


I am a lonely woman that placed an ad on the internet looking for a lover to make my fantasy a reality. I wait patiently for a response. A man finally responds to my plea for love. I like him. We talked and had cyber sex and it is great, that eventually lead to phone sex. Together they decide that it is time they meet and make thing happen.

We do some research and find an adult only hotel made for play. Clothing is optional. We check in and head upstairs to our room. We are on the third floor and the balcony looks out over the pool. When we open the door we find all sorts of things to enhance our game play. There are stripper poles, candles, sexy foods, champagne, and basket of love that has oils, lubes and toys for both of our pleasure.

It is a hot summer day, so I quickly decide to turn on the air. To my amazement it does not work. I open the door to the balcony and look out over the edge, the pool is packed full of all types of people. There some people who are nude and fucking on the lounge chairs, a man getting a blow job by the hot tub, many are skinny dipping in the pool. All of the action is making me horny.

I call for you to come join me out on the balcony, you come out. You have your shirt off; your chest has a slight glow to it from the sweat. I find you completely irresistible now. I push you down into the hammock. You hum and wonder what I am going to do. I go back into the room and turn on some sexy dance music. I come back out on to the balcony; I look at you with my sexy blue eyes and gently bite my bottom lip. You start to tell me that I am making you hot.

I slowly start to dance in front of you, I must have gotten your attention, you adjusted yourself so you could see me. I get closer to you; I can see the bulge inside your pants growing larger. That excited me. I am dancing and touching myself trying not to show you too much skin. You slowly unbutton your pants and pull them down just enough that your rock hard cock popped out. I gasped when I seen it, the size of your cock made me instantly wet. I raised my mini skirt a little to drop down to the floor on my knees. I gently kiss the head of your cock and stand back up again.

I unbutton my shirt and tease you with my hard perky tits. Oooops. I dropped it to the floor. I turned around to pick up. When I bent over my skirt raised up even more, my pussy peaked out at you. I slowly rise up and toss my shirt over to you. You are biting gaziantep escort ilanları on your lip and slowly stroking your hard cock. I unsnap my bra and remove one arm at a time, trying not to give you a peak. I am dancing still and my skirt is up around my waist now. My hot wet pussy is out to play. I come closer to you and lean over, my bra drops to your chest. You reach up to try and touch them; I back up quickly not allowing you to grab me. My nipples are so hard that they almost hurt. I slide my finger gently between the lips of my pussy until it is wet with my juices. I rub the wetness on my hard nipple then lick it off with my tongue. That must have drove you wild because you decided to sit up in the hammock, so you could see more.

I am now dancing directly in front of you, my tits are touching your face, you try to get in a lick, I’m too quick for you. I turn and bend over in front of you to get my skirt off. You jumped up and grabbed my hips and pulled my ass into your hard cock. You are pressed up against me; you whisper in my ear and tell me that you want to fuck my tight pussy. You walk me over to the wall of the balcony and bend me over. The people from down below are watching as you start banging my pussy. I scream with pleasure and tell you to fuck me daddy. I want you to fuck me. You are pounding my pussy so hard that my tits bounce over the railing. People in the pool are still watching and clapping. That makes you real hot. You are fucking me faster and harder. Suddenly you stop. I can’t feel you inside me anymore.

I turn my head to look for you; suddenly I feel the slight touch of your tongue on my pussy. I look down and there you are. My juices are running down your chin. You found my clit, and latched on. You are sucking hard and then soft, flicking it with your tongue. You are making me wild. I get loud and tell you to eat that pussy. I scream don’t stop daddy, I want more. You slip a few fingers inside me to massage my g spot. I am moaning so loud. I squeeze and pinch my nipples out of ecstasy. You stop again. I look down and you are gone.

At that moment I can feel your hard cock starting to slowly inch inside my ass. I tell you how good that feels and get it all the way in. you just sit there for a second trying to relieve your urge to cum in my ass. You slowly move in and out of my tight ass. I turn my head and look at you; you grab my hair and pull me in for a rough kiss. You push my head down over the balcony, you still are pushing my head down further and further while you are banging my ass. FUCK ME, FUCK ME I said to you. You are fucking me so hard in my ass. We are both moaning so loud. I open my eyes to see my audience watching. They are all getting so horney watching you pound me from behind, my tits are slapping against the rail. You spank me, and grab a hand full of my ass.

You pull out of my ass and swing me around. You are now against the railing and you tell me to suck it. I get down on my knees and place your cock in my mouth, you sigh with pleasure as I suck you all in and you can feel my tonsils on the tip of your cock. I place my hand on your balls to massage them. You grab my hair and push and pull it up and down with every stroke of my lips. I look up at you and see that you are ready to blow. I suck harder and squeeze your cock with my lips. You pull my hair even tighter. Suddenly you grab my head and push your cock in down my throat and hold me there. You explode inside my mouth. I can taste your sweet nectar. A little of your cum starts to drip down my chin. You look at me with a smile on your face and tell me what a good girl that I have been. I stand up and wipe off my face. You kiss me again and whisper in my ear how great it was to fuck me.

I look at you and said, we aren’t done daddy. I told you not to cum until I said so. I push you down on to the lounge chair and climb on top of you. I start to dance and move around, daddy likes a lap dance I could tell. You are starting to get hard again. I feel you growing between my legs. I keep rubbing my wet hot pussy against your huge growing cock until it is ready for more. I slip it inside my pussy; I start to slowly bounce up and down on your cock. My tits are bouncing with every motion. I get faster and faster, I am moaning as I grind my clit against you while you are inside me. I tell you I’m going to cum. You grab my hips and pull me down onto your cock, I scream CUM NOW DADDY, CUM NOW! I start to cum all over your cock and at that moment you explode inside my pussy. I sit on you for a little while, lightly kissing and rubbing your chest before I have enough strength to stand up.

I stand and turn to walk away, you spank me one more time, I turn to look at you and giggle as I continue to walk inside. You stand to follow me. I go in the bathroom to grab a towel so I can clean up, you come up behind me asked me if I enjoyed it. I grin and say yes daddy. You told me to grab some things so we could go down by the pool. When we get there we are greeted with applause from the spectators for a job well done. I immediately dive into the water to cool off. The cool fresh water makes me relax. I love the cool water on my bare tits. I look for you around the pool. I found you talking to a man up on the deck. He yelled over to me and told me how beautiful and sexy I am. You called me out of the pool, I came over to you. The man you were speaking with wanted to see me naked body up close. I turn and do a little pose for him. You continued talking to the man as I went to lie on the lounge chair. My wet bare breasts are sparkling in the sun.

You come to sit on the edge of the chair and you start to touch my thigh. I open my legs slightly so you could touch my pussy. The sun is so bright, my eyes are closed. I saw the sun disappear from my eyes, so I opened them. The man that you were talking to is now standing over my head, naked. I look at you and you told me to suck it. I said ok. I allowed him to place his cock in my mouth. I start to suck it as his balls are tapping me on the top of my head. I stop and turned over onto my hands and knees. My pussy is out in the open and I have this man’s cock deep in my throat. You come up behind me and place your cock inside me again. Pumping me so hard, I have a hard time trying to suck him off. I stop blowing the strange man and said I have an idea. I tell you both, and it peeked your interest. I decided that it was time that I completed part of one of my fantasies. I asked who wanted the bottom. You agreed and laid down on the chair. I climbed on top of you and inserted your cock into my pussy. I looked at the other man and told him to come and put his dick in my ass. He agreed and hurried to get into position.

I now have you both inside of me. I am riding you so fast and hard and you are squeezing my tits and nipples. He is pounding me so hard in my ass. This is amazing I said. You both are fucking me. My clit is rubbing against your body. We are all going to cum together with one great big orgasm. I scream and moan and you both are doing the same. Pumping me from both directions, this is new and great. I love it. I tell you that I’m cuming. And we all start to fuck faster and harder. We are all cuming, moaning and groaning together. The people around the pool are watching with amazement. He is done, and I have cum oozing from my ass, I roll over off of you and lay there basking in the sun.

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