My Time with Roni – Submission Ch. 01

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Claudia was the first German I met after my arrival and the last one I saw after my last recent return visit. She has been since that first meeting, and always will be, my best friend, confidant and the kind of person I, and many others, aspire to be. Strong, Confident, Insanely Intelligent, Unswervingly Loyal and Straight Forward. Claudia was, over the years, a Teacher, local Journalist, Devout Feminist, currently a Legal assistant in a Bank; and a Lesbian, which, as such was her contract with herself, contained a limited exception clause, under which I once enjoyed the pleasure of receiving a limited dispensation. There is no one on earth I respect more.

I met Claudia right after I arrived in Germany for my first duty assignment, several years before I met my Ex-wife or Roni. I was walking, lost on the street, when she came up to me as she had seen the “lost American” look before. We hit it off immediately. She took me under her wing and showed me around the city.

She was beautiful. Claudia was German by birth, born to an Irish Father and German mother. She had light red hair that was long or short depending on her mood or season. I swear she could grow it past shoulder length in a matter of days. Her beautiful, bright blue, mesmerizing eyes accentuated the beauty of her face and could light up any room.

She was tall, 5’9″, model looks, and was a perfect, lean, a 36-24-36 figure. Although I was never a big “chest” man, even my jaw dropped the first time I saw her in a bikini. She had huge 36DD tits that absolutely defied gravity. At the beach a few weeks after we met, she took of her top, and I got to take in her glorious long, thick nipples, a good inch long and as thick as my thumb. I once joked to her that her breasts thought they were small B cup breasts, the way they levitated, and they had their own mini-boobs. She laughed, we had a strange relationship dynamic, but for us, it worked.

Claudia very seldom wore a bra and she didn’t need to and as far as I could tell, no one around ever cared, lol. They were large, real and Nerf-ball firm. They stood on their own. I originally fell for her quickly and she quickly picked up on it, sat me down for a quick talk; she told me she was, at one time, Bi sexual and enjoyed men a lot, but was now a devout lesbian. We ended up as best friends.

She did have lots of beautiful straight and Bi female friends but she was very leery of introducing them to Americans. They so often turned out to be wham-bam, run away assholes. As we grew closer, she decided I was somehow different, since I hadn’t jumped on the usual dozen or two “easy” girls every GI in town fell in to when they first arrived.

One day, while we were out walking through the city, she decided it would be fine to introduce me to her friends and see what happened – maybe one of them would want to date me. We were walking by a café and she saw several of them seated out front so we stopped for a coffee and she introduced me. Was this heaven, while not as beautiful as Claudia, all 7 of them were at least an 8.5 to her 10.

We stayed there for an hour or two then said our good-byes and left. After we walked away she told me she could tell at least 3 of the girls liked what they saw. That got a big smile from me. We stopped at a store and bought some wine and snacks and went back to her apartment as we had many times. We spent the evening on the balcony, drinking wine and eating snacks. We got a bit drunk as she quizzed me on my past relationships and tried to give me advice on how to treat and date a German girl.

It got a bit chilly so we went inside. The interrogation and “how to” lessons continued. I think I passed the class. About two in the morning, she set down her glass.

OK Dale, I’ll be dammed if I turn over a bad guy to any of my friends. She evidently wasn’t referring to Bad-boy Bad, because she climbed on to my lap and drove her tongue in to my mouth.

I was speechless. She pulled back and told me I should try a little harder. I tried to state confusion and she just stated that if I couldn’t kiss well or make them orgasm with mouth, fingers or cock, she wouldn’t feel right. OK, I muttered, I’ll try harder.

We spent the night “working” on my techniques. To say that this lesbian knew her way around a man is an understatement. She taught me how to “treat a girl right.” Everything I thought I knew about sex with a woman changed that night. She taught me how to treat a clit, where to find the g-spot and how to make her (or any woman) orgasm.

I didn’t get to fuck her but did finger her for a long time, hot, wet and tight – my favorite type. Before stopping, she said I deserved a little release. This “devout Lesbian” proceeded to give me the single best blowjob I have ever had up to that point in my life.

Thinking back now, that must have been her first granting of “Special Dispensation. I was a more than happy recipient.

When finished, she whispered in my ear; “nice cock.” After pausing for effect, she added gaziantep escort ilanları – for a guy. Being warm and not made rubber is a plus; then she laughed loudly. I stuck my tongue out at her. She then made her final statement about this evening. This never happened, and would never happen again, and I should never mention it to anyone. I guess I just failed.

Her lessons helped me a lot. I dated several of her friends and she reported I had learned well. I continue to be friends with many of them to this day. Unfortunately, the skills she taught me got me stuck with my Ex-wife. But that lead me to Roni, so I guess it worked out well in the end.

Now, back to current day with Roni.


Things have gone well in the last two weeks. Our already good relationship was moving forward since “The Awakening of Roni” to her inner slut. I used the new control mechanism sparingly. Using it to tease her with imaginary cocks, she liked it. She could be her old shy, conservative self, yet when “Master” took control, she could feel 100% free let her inner slut roam free without any regrets or judgment.

I ran a few, small, Roni “shy safe” types of tests when we were out and there was no one around we knew. I’d quietly invoke “Slut” and make take baby steps such as flirting or teasing this guy or that one. Once, I made her go to the restroom and remove her panties at a club. She was then told to “accidently” flash her pussy, from under her “Sausage” dress, under the table at to two young guys sitting across from us.

For the last test that night, I took her to a second club we had never been to, one young GIs go to a lot. I made her follow me in separately, after 30 seconds. Once in, if I gave her a nod, “Slut” was commanded to go to the dance floor; She is a sexy dancer. Her “Slut-structions” told her to find a dark corner of the floor, in front of where I’d be standing. Right on cue, the young GIs were all vying for her attention. As instructed, she had to dance with anyone who came up to her. She must have ended up with 10 or 12 cocks being pressed up against her at different times and had as many as 5 different guy insert fingers into her pussy. About an hour, maybe a little more, she gave me a look, fear, heat, and lust – her eyes told many stories, I nodded to the door and we left. When we got home, she fucked me like an animal for hours.

The next day we had a long talk. She ended up telling me she loved what she felt the night before, the freedom and how much she enjoyed being desired. She said it was like letting a second person live. She could be her every day Roni, quiet, shy, reserved; then, when “Slut” was summoned, she was someone else entirely. Free to enjoy all it offered.

I decided right there to ramp up her submission.

*** Roni’s first, and total, Submission ***

This week, Roni had to go to an out of town work seminar, so I was alone to do my own thing. We would talk each day for an hour or so in the early evening, usually right after work around 5pm.

Could my luck (or is that Roni’s luck?… hmm, I’ll ponder that thought some other time) be any better, an opportunity quickly presented itself for me to move on to the next step.

On Tuesday morning, at the gym, my riding partner Mason told me there was an amateur bike race in a nearby large city on Thursday and asked if I’d like to go. I said sure. When I got to work I put in for a weekend pass, which was approved right away. That night I told Roni. She told me to have fun and to tell Mason she said hello.

Roni liked Mason. He was quiet and shy like her and very polite and she “approved” of me spending time with him – he was “safe” and like me, not a “real” American. By that she means we respected the people and culture of the country and didn’t expect the locals to bend to our way of doing things.

Roni’s thoughts of him would change very soon; Mason would lose his “Safe” tag in short order, much to Roni’s delight; that encounter is being “put to paper” as you read this.

Time to start setting this plan in to motion.


Me: Calling Planet Lesbos

Claudia: Hey Scooter! (I hate it when she refers to me as her favorite puppet)

Me: I’ll be in town for a Bike race on Thursday – Time to meet?

Claudia: Actually, my Bank is the Sponsor

Claudia: Meet me at the after-event?

Me: Sure, how will I find you?

Claudia: I’ll be the one you want to fuck at the reception desk.

Claudia: good luck with that by the way LOL!! ;o)

I could actually see her howling in laughter when I read that.

Me: Yup! Nice cock to the rescue!

Claudia: Ha-ha!!

Me: OK, see you then

Claudia: OK, looking forward to this big secret.

Me: You have NO idea. LOLOL

Claudia: :p


The Bike race was hard, but fun. Mason and I rode together and had grouped together with 3 Brits from the nearby British Army Aviation group. They rode as crazy as they fly!! Great guys.

We all finished mid-pack of about 250 riders. After the race we went to our hotel and had a shower before going to the post-race gathering at a local beer garden. We went in to the rider registration check to get our wristband; free food and beer is good. Sitting there checking names and handing out bands, was Claudia. She looked up and in her sexy voice said “Good evening mysterious stranger.”

Although confused by the beginning of this interaction, Mason couldn’t take his eyes off her and she could see it. She giggled and said “easy tiger, you’re not my type.” He looked even more confused so I leaned over and, in a whisper, Lesbian. I thought he was going to pop his top with so much confusion so I quickly explained that she and I have known each other for years. Mason caught on and laughed. I introduced them to each other, and then Claudia said she’d look me up soon since most of the riders had arrived. Mason and I went in, got some food and grabbed a beer.

About an hour later Claudia found me. Mason had found a German he met before the race and was off with him, talking to local girls. Mason never had much luck with the ladies being shy, but he kept trying.

Claudia and I did a lot of catching up since we hadn’t actually seen each other in a few years. I told her I was living with Roni and the rest of the basics. She gave me “that” look, as only she could. She knew how my last choice in women turned out. I decided it was safe to talk to her so I filled her in. She felt better and said she was happy for me. She asked if I had a picture, which I did and gladly showed her. She being a straightforward German gave her opinion.

Wow, she is stunning, finger lickin’ good I’d bet. We both let out a big loud laugh, getting odd looks form the people near, but not too close, to us. You don’t hear that phrase from a German mouth every day about your fiancée, especially another woman but Claudia’s favorite American food is KFC, which explains the comment. That reminded me why I had texted her in the first place.

Claudia, can we talk later, privately? She said yes, so I gave her my hotel info. She said she could come by about 10:30 after the gathering would be winding down. With that, she went back to working the desk and giving out the prizes.

I managed to find Mason, who hadn’t had any luck. We ended up leaving the party around 9:15.

Claudia actually showed up a little early, arriving at my room about 10:10. She was quite curious by now and was hopeful everything was OK. I laughed and replied everything was more than OK. Knowing I could trust her and for her not to be judgmental in any way, I explained the last few months to her. She listened intently, nodding and asking an occasional question for clarification. I said she was a lawyer and Journalist her fact finding even in this instance. “Just the facts, Sir!”

I told her everything. All that had happened, what I hoped for Roni’s future fun with others, and how I felt. Why I wanted to share it with Roni, and then I went straight to the point.

Claudia, I love you and trust you more than anyone I know. You helped me become who I am since arriving here in Germany and you are my best friend. I would like your help with the next step in Roni’s evolution. * INSERT BIG GULPPING SOUND HERE*

I would like you to fuck my fiancée, so that she knows what a real woman can do for her. If you’d prefer I wasn’t there, that’s fine. There was no shock on her face, no judgment, no fright. She was flattered that I trusted her enough to come to her.

She asked me several more questions, about how, when, where and why. I explained my thoughts and answered all of her questions. She then, Lawyer face firmly in place, weighed all of the facts, all of the evidence, everything we discussed in the previous 45 minutes.

After 10 minutes she looked me in the eyes, took my hands in hers and said she would be honored to help me. She also said she wanted me to be present, to watch her take my fiancée and pleasure her. After all, she would love to see my reaction, just as much as I wanted to see what she could do to Roni’s little body.

Claudia giggled. I was confused. She giggled again, then looked down and said; “Nice Cock. I seem to vaguely remember meeting him once.”

“Exception” time?” I said with a huge smirk quickly engulfing my face? We both roared with laughter, shortly followed by a humorous “Good luck with that Scooter!”

We settled on her coming to our city on Saturday. I told her of a parking lot that is on the way Roni and I take to “our” favorite Cafe. Roni and I would go there for dinner. Claudia could follow us at a short distance from where she parked and then Claudia could find a place to sit nearby, facing Roni.

Claudia said she would flirt with Roni and only if Claudia felt that Roni was interested and everything “felt” right, would she take part. If everything didn’t click, she would just signal me and go on her merry way. Fair enough, I agreed.

Just as Claudia was about to leave, my cell phone dinged. It was a text from Roni.

Roni: my fingers r deep in my wet pussy.

I turned the phone to Claudia. Her eyes were gleaming as she smiled and licked her lips; I like her already.

The phone rang, Claudia jumped.

I answered and held the phone between our ears so Claudia could hear Roni as well.

Roni was in heat. I could hear her panting as she talked. First, she confessed about a girl she had met. She was hot, just looking at her lips made Roni want to kiss her and feel the woman’s tongue in her mouth. To feel the woman’s mouth all over her body and explore hers in return. She couldn’t believe how hot it made her.

Then she related that she of course had also met lots of male coworkers from other offices. Two of them, in particular, stood out and were flirting with her all evening at the end of seminar gathering. (Germans don’t do anything without a good after party. LOL)

Roni enjoyed noticing it and was dripping wet. Having always been shy, if she ever noticed someone looking at her she would do her best to become invisible. Now, actually paying attention to it, (I admit, “MASTER” called her after his bike race and ordered her to pay attention)

She was really enjoying it; so much so, the she explained she had to leave the party because she could feel her soaked panties between her legs. She could feel her hot juices so much she thought it might start to run down her thighs and wet through her skirt and someone would notice.

Roni said she almost ran to her room and had to masturbate twice before she could even text me. Claudia looked at me with a big smile on her face just as Roni’s orgasm hit and her muffled scream flowed across the phone line. Claudia’s eyes got big. Roni’s orgasm lasted almost 30 seconds.

I knocked on the desk and told her someone was at the door and I would call her right back. She said Ok; she needed to use the restroom to quickly clean up anyway.

When the line was disconnected, Claudia said wow. That was good timing. Now I know you are doing the right thing.

Me: Laughing out loud

Claudia: What’s so funny

Me: That was nothing

Claudia: It lasted 30 seconds

Me: imagine 10 of those, some of them strung together.

Claudia: OH my, I’m going to enjoy this

Me: You have no idea

As she was leaving, Claudia gave me a long warm hug and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered in my ear. Roni is very lucky to have you, and you her. I don’t personally know any men who would care enough or be willing do these things to please their girlfriend or wife; or any women who would be that honest with her man. You are both very lucky.

I told her that she taught me well, to always pay attention to, and treat, a woman well. Claudia turned and left.

I called Roni back. She was still breathing heavily. We talked more about her evening for a while until she calmed down enough to sleep. I reassured her everything was fine and that “Master” approved of his little slut. She almost purred her response of “I love you too, Master.” After we had hung up, I shook the cobwebs out of my brain, took a shower, masturbated, showered again and went to bed.


Roni got home on Friday afternoon. She walked through the door and as I walked over to her she dropped her skirt to the floor, jumped in to my arms, wrapped her legs around me and told me in no uncertain terms; Fuck me, right now, right here. I obliged, bending her over the dining table, fucking her from behind.

She told me more about the guys, how she woke up in the middle of the night wishing one was on top of her, fucking her and she could have the other one in her mouth. How she wanted the woman’s fingers inside her and wanted to taste her pussy. I took her upstairs and bent her over the bed. As I fucked her, I grabbed the lube from her nightstand, lubed up the small add-on cock, pulled out of her, slipped it on and then both it and I went back deep inside her. For the first time, mini-Dale, and I took her ass and her pussy at the same time. The slut truly began being free that night.


We slept until 10 on Saturday. When I woke up, Roni was lying next to me looking at me. I said good morning feisty girl, how are you feeling? She said she felt great. Surprisingly she wasn’t at all sore from our escapades the night before, referring to mini-Dale. That was refreshing to hear. Little did she know, “Slut” had an even more “interesting” night in front of her.

We went about our usual day, going to the local Flea Market, doing some shopping and just being lazy. She went to lay out in the sun for an hour, soaking it in. About 5:30 we started to get ready to head out for dinner.

We showered together and she did her make-up – what little she wears. I put on jeans and a black short sleeve shirt. Roni put one of her giant collection of sundresses Of course it had spaghetti straps. It was a nice pastel yellow with white accents, also no bra and a small G-string. That color on her is amazing with her summer bronze skin.

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