So that’s what a “Gloryhole” is…

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I have lived a very strict and overly protected life. My mom is a tiger mom. Recently she has been over really busy, and I’ve gotten a little bit more freedom. Thank God! One of my friends, Lidia, has taken advantage of this. We’ve been driving around town, hanging out and just having a blast!

The other day she took me to an adult video arcade called “Mimi’s”. Ok, first off, it was stinky, like cleaning products and a bad toilet. I guess it was supposed to be $2 to get in, but they let us slide on it. The place was pretty empty. We looked around in the DVD area for a bit, then Lidia asked what was in the back hallway. The guy said it was a video arcade. He told us we would need singles. He gave us change for a five and we were on or way.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. We climbed in together inside the very small dark booth. I remember, Lidia had to put her hand around my waist. Her hair smelled like coconuts. she slipped a couple of dollars into the machine instantly the Machine came to life hard core pornography.some well hung was slamming his massive cock deep inside some poor young teen’s tight shaved vagina. She was screaming in unison with the thrusts. We watched for a few moments, taking it in. Then I noticed a hole. I pointed it out to Lidia and she screamed. She pushed me behind her and bent over, wedging me against the wall with her butt. She looked inside then stuck her finger in. My first thought was someone slammed the door into the wall so hard they put a hole in it. Lidia was like “I don’t believe it. ” She turned around and kissed me on the cheek. She opened the door and told me to stay. She left, closing the door behind her. I was like, “what the hell”. I heard the door close in the booth next door. I turned back to watch the young dark haired teen as she slid down to her knees as the big beefy guy stroked his dick, launching his semen into the waiting teen,’s open mouth. “Psst.” I heard. “Hey” came next, muffled through the wall. “Lidia?” I called, as i bent over to look through the hole. On the other side Lidia had taken her pants off and pressed her “V” against the hole. I jumped back and screamed. She laughed, and I laughed to. I told her to stop it. She started to pull up her pants. I watched the video while l waited. I suddenly felt a hand caressing my crotch. I jumped again and saw her hand reaching through the hole. And I could hear her laughing. She returned to the booth and snuggled in. I hit her on the shoulder and called her a “jerk.”

She started to watch the video. It was a new seen now 2 girls were studying and talking boys, as a guy watched from outside the door. I asked why they don’t repair the hole. She laughed and said ” it’s a gloryhole, silly” I looked at her, like “what?” She leaned in close. I heard the door close next door. She whispered into my ear, “guys stick their dicks through the hole, so someone on thr othrr side can…give them glory.” Her breath was hot and soft as she burst into a chukle. I was like “you’re k**ding me?!” “I swear.” She said the she grabbed me and froze. I was like “what’s wrong?” She turned yo look down. I followed her gaze. A huge cock was poking her in the leg. I was like “OMG!” She moved away letting it have its own space. She looked at me and laughed. She dared me to touch it. I told her she was crazy. She laughed again.

Slowly she reached down and wrapped her hand around it. I heard a loud sigh from next door. And you could tell the the grip had an instant effect. The thing seemed to jump and stiffen. She looked at me and blushed as she mouthed “Oh-My-God!” I looked at her like “what are you doing?”she smiled again and leaned in and said ” It’s so thick and hard…you’ve got to touch it.” She started to stroke it back and forth. “come on, he can’t see you” she said. Reluctantly, I put my hand down on it. it was hard! There was the reaction from it, and suddenly milky cream exploded from it. We looked at each other and yelled eww! As we both ran out of the store. It was weird and crazy, but now I know what a “Gloryhole” is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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