The Felt Resort and Spa Ch. 08


Ted finally saw the building leave his rearview’s sight as he made it down the highway. Rubber and pavement went hand and hand like how Ted and Lola did. It was about twenty or so miles until the next town, no palms potted like outside the resort, only pines.

Ted made sure to drive slowly as he passed the cute pink boutique in the corner of the plaza, ever since Ellie decided to move out here with Trent, she decided to restart. And even though it wasn’t easy, she made it as profitable as the boutique she once had in the city, more so when tourists came.

Driving straight and never turning Ted kept peddling on watching semi’s and Volkswagens pass him by. Soon enough he could see the emerald sign that read “Groves Way”, he turned right down onto a small dirt road feeling the gravel and rocks hit against his tires. There was no smoothness even when driving slow.

But he did admire the fishing pond and dock (Trent built it), no one else lived down this way, only one couple. They got the entire spot, secluded, cut off from the rest of the world, at a steal. The house wasn’t too large.

Made entirely of red brick, which was smart, because hurricanes and storms did weather the area. Ellie was sitting on the porch, wearing a sundress, she never tired of them, this one was white with small blue and purple flowers printed all over. She was rocking on the swing alone this time.

Maybe Trent was inside, Ted had turned to see his car still in the driveway. Ellie started to wave seeing him pull up into the yard. After cutting off the engine Ted practically jumped out of the car. He had stepped out into a new world, a quiet one that could calm his heavy soul.

“Hello sis.” Ted smile at Ellie, making his way onto the porch, she hugged him. “You’re looking well rounded.”

Ellie smacked his arm softly “I know, I feel like I’m carrying a large watermelon.” She rubbed her bulging stomach. “So, I got a text from Lola.”

Oh god, even far far away, Lola could crawl back into his skull and mess around his thoughts.

“Oh.” Ted said shrugging unsure what he was supposed to say.

“I got a bunch of emojis.” Ellie told him “A lot of fireworks, fists, smiley faces…Now I’m no seer. But I’m guessing from you being here that Lola finally got what she needed.”

“Wanted, Ellie, wanted.” Ted rubbed the back of his head “Maybe she did, who’s to say, but Lola. Is Trent around?”

“Uh huh.” Ellie smiled “He’s preparing some fresh lemonade, but from that sickly sweet grin you just gave me, you’d probably prefer some sweet tea.”

“I’d like cold water.”

“Showers exist in resorts.”

“I exist here in the now. Ellie, I do not want this conversation to happe-

“Well, that’s your opinion.” She turned around to face the open door “Trent! Ted’s here!” A loud thwack could be heard as Trent made his way to the front door.

“Bro.” Trent held his arms out wide, Ted reluctantly accepted the hug.

“What’s wrong?” Trent could see trouble all over Ted’s face.

“Lets go inside and catch up.” Ellie said pulling them both along with her. Soon all three were sitting at the kitchen table sipping cold glasses of sour lemonade.

“Why is mine so bitter?” Ted stuck his tongue out, Trent must have forgot to add sugar, because his tongue was now shriveled and tingling with water and lemon juice.

“Oh, because I got a text. From Lola.” Trent said.

“She texted you?”

“Yeah, but it was a bunch of emojis, some tornado emojis, lightning, sun, and then a bunch of rainbows.”

“I need your help.”

“So you finally paid the piper?” Trent asked drinking the lemonade.

“Cute. I like Lola.” Ted groaned.

“You mean you like Lola, or do you like like Lola?” Ellie winked. Trent tried hard not to laugh.

“It’s not funny.”

“Then do something.” Trent patted him on the shoulder “I get that Lola is the life of the party, she does what she wants, and she’s not the most likely person to settle down. But if it’s you, who knows what could happen?”

Ted bit his lip “I hate you for ending this with another question.”

“Uh huh and while you’re hating me would you like a slice of pie?”

“I don’t know is it as crappy as this lemonade?”

“Ellie baked it.”

Ted smiled “Oh then I’ll eat it.” Ellie laughed. Ted was still stewing on what to do as he ate and talked to Ellie and Trent about the residents and staff at the resort, and Pete.

Pete was already working today. He was pushing the head of his penis into a patient who was masturbating with their room key anally. So Dr. Grant decided it would be best to stretch her anal cavity so he could have enough room to find the key. Of course it wasn’t easy, the woman’s ass kept fighting his dick, the further he plummeted the harder her walls tried to shove him out.

She wasn’t in pain as she was bent onto the table drooling telling him to go deeper. As fun as the feel was, Pete wanted Lola’s ass, her delicate skin that melted underneath his hard body. So after he helped expel the room key, he decided Bostancı Escort to go on break and visit Lola. Lola was clothed now, but only in her bra and panties rubbing icepacks down her body.

Pete wanted to just see how she was doing and found himself at room 286 knocking on her door.

“Second.” Lola said quietly, she wanted to just relax in bed the entire day, no screwing, she was screwed out. Lola opened the door and smiled.

“Pete, how are you?” Pete entered the room looking at her, up and down.

“I’m fine, I just wanted to check on you. You have marks on your legs.”

Lola noticed the small red hand impressions, there were a few on her breasts and inner thigh as well.

“Yeah, rough sex last night.” Lola sat on the bed again and laid back against the bed frame.

“What with Zack?”

“You know Zack’s only good for a short night cap. I needed a long one. With Ted.”

“Ted…Weren’t you two fighting?”

Lola sighed “Someone tell you that?”

Pete’s eyes shifted “Lola, you two were screaming in the hall way and then down in the spa, the walls aren’t that thick.”

“So? We fought, we made up, and we had epic sex.”

“So you didn’t think he was angry-

“Do not make it seem like Ted wanted to hurt me.” Lola glared at him, who the hell did he think he was? He knew nothing about Ted’s character or his personality. “Ted would never intentionally hurt me.”

“So those are what proof that he wouldn’t hurt you?” Pete asked “Or maybe you two were so caught up in the moment you hate fucked each other-

“It wasn’t like that. He knows what I likes and I know what he likes. I’m fine. I wasn’t the only one who got bruised.”

Pete became quiet “I’m sorry, but that doesn’t worry you?”

“Nope, it was all in good fun. Why are you so concerned?”

“Because I’m into you.”

“And Anna, and Valerie, and a bunch of other guests too.” Lola crossed her arms “I made it clear to you and to Ted that I do not want a relationship.”

“Then why couldn’t you invite me up last night once Ted came?”

Lola frowned.

“You’ve had more than one guy inside you before, so what was the problem?”

“I’ve wanted to be with Ted in forever, anyone else would have been…” Lola tried thinking of the word.

“Awkward? Too many people? Because that sounds like you’d rather have Ted all to yourself.”

“I can be greedy-

“Wanting one person isn’t being greedy. You like him, everyone knows you two have fucked about every single person here and yet you didn’t want a relationship.”

“I don’t-

“And if he asked you today, would you refuse him?”

Lola didn’t want this truth, maybe somewhere inside all the trappings and tricks she had tried in the past, maybe she was developing feelings for Ted. They were just hidden underneath the lust, the vaginas, the hard cocks that she rode to get herself off.

“Your silence is all the answer that I need.” Pete stood up

“I liked you a lot, I still do. But I just want you to know if you do end up with Ted. I’m okay with it, I may not like him, but if he makes you happy I respect your decision.”

Pete leaned over her kissing her forehead one last time “But if you don’t, consider choosing someone else, it doesn’t even have to be me.”

Pete walked out, final and forever. Lola couldn’t keep one without losing the other. Pete was always there to listen to her problems about Ted even though he couldn’t stand him, all her sexual frustrations, Pete got. He was a friend, a fuck buddy, and maybe he could be a wonderful boyfriend rather than lover.

Lola rubbed her head, her brain just didn’t need to understand at that time. So she cut on the television, maybe something would block out the thoughts bubbling to the surface. The first thing Lola saw was Zack, he was on the video camera in Anna’s office.

Anna was sitting across from him on her desk fingering herself as she took a call. Zack wasted no time in bending her over onto the desk, Anna still spoke into the phone when Zack started to pull out his cock, so modest in size.

He easily slid into her pussy, Anna still had one hand on the phone biting her lip trying not to moan as she took the call, Zack slid in and out, Anna needed a tightening too. Her fuckhole was starting to look like an open manhole. Cum was foaming at the end of Zack’s penis as he came inside her. Quick as always.

Lola clicked on the remote changing to another channel. Valerie was at the front desk receiving head from a male guest, his tongue twirling against her red clit had Valerie wrapping her legs around his neck as she welcomed guests to the resort. Boring, click went the remote again.

There Dr. Grant was fucking a patient in the throat, probably checking how deeply she could swallow. Click. A guest in room two seventy one was wedged between two guys. They were kneeling on the bed as both men thrust into her ass and her cunt, she was moaning twisting her nipples in her fingers.

Click. A male guest was switching between sucking his Kadıköy Escort male friend’s cock and his female friend’s large areolas. Click. Another guest and her friend making out as another woman inserted vibrators inside them. Click. A woman getting penetrated anally, vaginally, and orally on her bed as cum oozed out of every hole, the three men who were inside her didn’t slow up either, after they came the one inside her mouth pulled out only for her to tell them to keep going.

“Respect.” Lola said before clicking to another channel, those thoughts needed to be hammered down again.

After leaving Trent and Ellie’s abode Ted felt clearer, he knew what would happen when he would reveal what he had to say. But it was worth a shot and this time, it would be his last. He and Lola would finally be on one single page together or none at all after this.

No more porn star videos, no cosplay, no quick desk fuck, but the truth about them last night, the truth had to be spoken or nothing would ever be done. Everything would repeat and tensions would grow, and one day Ted and Lola would get fed up with their games. His friendship with her wasn’t worth the fussing and fighting so as he entered the lobby he felt his heart beating louder than before.

“Welcome back.” Anna smiled at him “It’s only six, I thought you were staying over at Trent’s tonight.”

“No. I have to speak to someone.”

“Lola?” Ted nodded.

“Well, it’s finally happening.”

“We’ll see.”

“I’m rooting for you two. It’s about time.” Anna gave a genuine honest to god smile, she really did care if all of the workers were happy, not just there in the resort, not just there in their jobs, but with themselves. Making people happy was even harder when they themselves weren’t to begin with.

“Yes it is.” Ted smiled and darted to the stairs, each step gave him more confidence to say what was needed to be said after years and years of confusion and lust. Now was it. Ted knocked on 286 praying that Lola hadn’t left to go somewhere.

She answered the door and smiled “What did you bring me this evening?” Ted smiled at her strangely, he didn’t invite himself in or speak, he just stared at her. “Ted?” Ted leaned down and kissed her, fully on the lips, her tongue brushing next to his.

“You okay?” She asked him.

“I’m great.” Ted took a seat in a chair. Lola sat opposite of him on her bed. “I’m finally ready to tell the truth, the entire truth.”

“Didn’t we hash this out al-

“I lied.” Ted kept the stupid smile on his face, he was delirious with feelings he had discovered, he needed to get them out and in the air.

“Lied about what?” Lola waited “You don’t like me?”

“No.” Ted shook his head “I love you. I never liked you Lola.” Ted kept shaking his head “Because I already fell for you. Pete was your rock when you came here, and I was just having my fun, and I got jealous, because what if Pete was right for you?”

Lola stared at him, there was more to come. “I thought he was a better match for you, and I got scared. So I was pissed about it, because he was more considerate of how you felt and I wasn’t. I gave you an ultimatum, he probably hates my guts, but I know he never put you in that situation before when came to me.”

“Of course not, I talked about you to him all the time.” Lola said.

“I know, everyone here knows. But I’m a bit slow, sometimes my mind takes time to catch up to the rest of me. I don’t want anyone else, but you. I just didn’t want you to reject me, because you never wanted to be tied down.”

Lola sighed “I mean I’ve had boyfriends in the past…”

“But what if we didn’t work? I kept asking myself that on the way here, until I realized, who gives a fuck? I just want to try!”

Lola ran her fingers through long strands of blonde hair “What makes you think I feel the same?”

“I don’t, but I needed to tell you. Because it’s killing me and it’s killing our friendship all the tit for tat, you not wanting to give up Pete and me fucking someone else in your face in the lobby. Then the videos. No more games. I just want you.” Ted’s eyes were dead set against hers, the beautiful teal hue reminded him of the ocean waves that hit against the warm beach sand.

“But I don’t want to hurt you by saying no-

“The only thing that matters is how you feel. If you don’t want to try, just tell me. Please.” Ted begged, he felt his entire body shaking waiting for her response. Biting her lip Lola looked at him.


Ted felt the weight finally drop “Seriously?”

“Seriously. I’ve been watching the stupid video feeds all this time, hoping to fade out my thoughts. But I can’t.” Lola twiddled with her fingers “How can I say no, when I feel the same?”

Ted smiled wrapping her in his arms, he pushed her down onto the bed and kissed her.

“I’m still sore..” Lola moaned against his lips.

“Then tell me to stop.” Ted said undressing.

“You know I won’t.” Lola said helping him out of his pants “Just try not to break me Göztepe Escort like last night, I don’t think I could take anymore without falling into some kind of dick coma.”

Ted laughed “Fine, I’ll be gentle.” He kissed her neck down to her chest, then her navel as he slid her panties off.

“Because you’re such a lamb.” Lola giggled wrapping her arms around his neck. Ted rubbed his cock at her entrance slowly.

“Only if you want me to be.” Ted said crushing his mouth down on hers, he started to enter her.

“Ohhh.” Lola groaned, she felt her walls swollen from the abuse convulse as Ted slipped down. Ted was as promised gentle once he slid all the way in, hiding her groans by kissing her lips. It was a slow and long descent into pleasure. Ted didn’t mind and neither did Lola.

“I still didn’t hear a reply.” Ted said slowly pulling in and out her cunt.

Lola smirked “I love you, Ted.”

“I love you too.” He smiled pumping her long and hard, she didn’t tell him to stop, so he didn’t. They both rocked their hips gently, all Lola could feel was Ted’s body weighing on her as he stroked her inner walls that had gone moist from excitement. The happiness they were feeling was unimaginable, especially when Lola’s heated walls wrapped tightly around her amour’s thick rod. Once they came three times, Lola said she was too full of cum to go again at twelve in the morning. Ted stayed next to her, cradling Lola in his arms. The last thing he saw were eyes, eyes as soft as the Caribbean sea, gentle waves rocking him to sleep.

It was a slow, sensuous night, but after waited a brand new morning. Ted and Lola finally committed to one person and one person only. As their relationship deepened, Lola decided that she no longer needed to relax at the resort, she only visited some of the staff on breaks in town usually at a café or restaurant where they could catch up.

Two years later Ellie and Trent were now mother and father to a beautiful boy and girl whom they loved dearly. Lola stayed in town, moving in with Ted five months in to their relationship. A year after their love confession they were married. Ted had family money saved away so he could afford a home liking to both him and Lola’s liking.


Lola was annoyed that Ted was taking so long, as an actress, a very rich one at that she had the private car parked in front of the hotel waiting for her husband to finally join her. Today was Ted’s last day working as an official employee at the Felt Resort and Spa. But Lola wanted him with her in the vehicle now. She wanted to tell him something, but the more hours passed, Lola being her usual self got out of the car, wear a halter top (surprisingly a bra underneath), skinny jeans, and heels to die for (or heels that you could trip, fall, and die in).

The lobby remained the same, Anna remained the same, smiling widely to all who entered.

“Oh Lola, welcome back. Ted’s just saying bye to the staff. We threw him a little party.”

“Oh.” Lola frowned “Is he gonna be here soon? I need to talk to him.”

Zack was manning the front desk, a woman was tugging at his penis under said desk so he was a bit preoccupied to speak.

“Out…in…a…sec.” Zack wheezed.

“Thank you.” Lola crossed her arms waiting for Ted. “So I hear you and Valerie are a thing, Anna.”

Anna nodded “Kind of, we’re in an open relationship, I have my share of her, so does Dr. Grant, I mean have you seen how wide he is?”

Lola nodded “Yes, he is a marvel.”

“Yes, but speaking of marvels, I think it’s great that Ted’s going into business for himself. But he won’t tell anyone else, what exactly will he be doing?”

Lola smiled “Well, it’s more of a bookstore, for adults. There’s also a café inside, so you can get special made orders either in the shape of genitals, or whatever shape. He hasn’t gone into full explanation, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea.” Erotica was erotica whether it was on a computer screen, a television screen, or in a book. People paid to get off in anyway they could.

“Sounds delicious.” Anna winked.

“It will be, I had to pull out of two movie deals that I was going to star in.”

“I love your movies.”

“I know I play the bitch well in my roles.” She wasn’t a big star, just a small one that some people knew, and she made a bit of money from it, she like Ted and Trent had family money put aside to live her glamorous life. But her family was rich, Ted an Trent’s merely wealthy.

“You do, bad girls get all the money don’t they?” Anna laughed.

“I wish.” Lola said, soon her eyes spotted Ted. He waved running over.

“Sorry, everyone was trying to give me a gift. I told them to mail them to me, I know you’re pissed.” Ted looked at her face.

“I’m not pissed. I just got tired of waiting so I could tell you the news.”

Ted scratched his head “Okay, what news?”

“That I’m pregnant.” Ted’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.

“Pregnant like you have a person growing inside of you pregnant?” Ted asked stupidly and loudly.

“Yes, love. You’ve knocked up your wife, congrats.” Lola smirked. Ted blinked unsure what to say.

“Congrats man.” Zack groaned.

“Thanks I think.” Ted rolled his eyes, Zack couldn’t give a real conversation unless he came first.

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