Hot Sex and Orgasms

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My eyes are closed as I take in the sensations around me.

I love feeling the weight of your body on mine! I wrap my arms and legs around you and pull you even closer as I sigh contentedly and caress your back with my fingertips. You shiver. The cool breeze from the window brings with it the green smells of pine and freshly cut grass to mingle with the scent of the candles and our lovemaking. Soft music and nightsounds make the perfect backdrop for our ragged breathing.

I open my eyes and see your blue eyes smiling into mine. You lean down and kiss my lips, under my ear, then my neck. I turn my head to give you more access and arch my back against you, feeling my nipples harden against your chest. You continue moving your lips wetly across my neck, knowing how much I LOVE having my neck touched. I run my fingers through your hair and pull your lips tighter against me.

I can’t help moving my body in an unconsciously sensual dance under you, gently contracting my vagina around you and moving my gaziantep escortları hips upward against yours. Mmmmmmm. I feel your semi-erect penis reach its full hardness again inside me. Ummmm… you feel so good inside me! I’ve waited all day for this! I sway my hips gently side to side, savoring the feeling of every part of you touching every part of me, then whisper in your ear… You’ve got some catching up to do.

I nuzzle your neck and nudge your shoulder softly with mine. You roll us over staying deep inside me and now I’m on top straddling your hips.

‘Now it’s your turn.’

I rock my hips in slow circles over you as I lean forward and give you a deep, penetrating kiss. Turning my head side to side allows my hair to caress you softly while I kiss and lick my way down your neck to your nipples. I kiss and tease each nipple, biting them gently and flicking my tongue across them until you moan and arch your back, grabbing my hips and thrusting up into me spontaneously as you pull me down tighter around you.

‘Hey, I’m supposed to be doing the work right now, I laugh’ as I give you a little squeeze with my vagina and rock back and forth on you playfully.

I start to lift up onto my knees, sliding almost all the way off of you then slowly back down over you as I contract my vaginal walls around you. Up and down slowly, over and over, pinching your nipples, stroking your chest and belly lightly as I rock in all directions over you, gradually picking up the pace until you’re moaning and looking into my eyes asking for more.

I reach behind me and gently stroke and squeeze your testicles as I move faster up and down on you, tightening my vagina around you with each movement and now you can’t help thrusting hard up into me as I squeeze down around you again and again.

I feel how close you are so I pull all the way up and crash down over you, clenching uncontrollably around you, feeling your penis grow to incredible proportions just before you explode inside me over and over!

I gasp and lose my breath as the intensity of your orgasm sends me into mine. ‘ Oh, God you feel so incredible inside me!’

I feel you hitting my cervix continuously with your thrusts as we seem locked into and endless plateau of sensation. You arch forward and sit up, bringing your knees up as my legs wrap around your waist. We’re groaning and panting, WRITHING against each other.

I bite into your shoulder as you cross your arms behind me with a hand on each shoulder and pull me HARD down onto you as you thrust up into me wildly! I SCREAM as my orgasm becomes even more intense!

I can’t breathe, I’m about to FAINT from the sensation and I arch my back. My head is thrown forward against you involuntarily and I kiss and bite your neck. You lock me in your arms tightly as wave after wave of unimaginable pleasure washes over us. Our breathing is ragged, our bodies drenched with sweat as our lips meet and we try to swallow each other whole!

‘Promise me you’ll never take your gorgeous incredibly talented dick out of me because I’m telling you now, I’ll NEVER get enough of you…!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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